Welcoming New Alumni Board Members

Dear Fellow Wooster Scots:

Each year, your Alumni Board is pleased to welcome into the fold 6 new alumni members and two new faculty representatives. Please join me in welcoming our new board members, who I have listed below. I have also provided you with a link to each new member’s LinkedIn page so you can get a snapshot of who each new member is, and in the case of our faculty reps, I have provided you with a link to the College’s website biographical information.

Special thanks to our hard-working Nominating Committee for their continuing thoughtful deliberations which assure us of talented and committed Board members. Our Nominating Committee is chaired by Ryan Burgess (’93) and Karen Lockwood (’72).

Our next Alumni Board meetings will take place in November. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions which the Board could address for you.
Our New Board Members (in alphabetical order):

Daniel R. George ‘04

David A. Lohr ‘01

Anne G. Longsworth ‘92

Jennifer E. Saliers ‘83

Emmanuel P. Sterling ‘07

Divya R. Thadani ‘99

Faculty Representatives

Alison H. Schmidt ‘75

James D. West

All the best,

David Gilliss (’80)
Always Wooster Proud!

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